A part of Canada's fabric.

We're built for a life of service, and so are our trucks.

Acres Emergency Vehicles is owned and operated by Green Acres Colony, a Hutterite community located 30 minutes outside of Brandon, MB. As with most colonies, nearly all members of our team are members of the colony, and we have a bond as strong as family. Additional team members include Professional Engineers, Engineering Technologists and Accountants.

Strong relationships in the industry helped us to get our start. With the benefit of our quality suppliers, sales and service staff, combined with our skilled labour and commitment to quality, we have been able to see continued growth.

Acres has a vision to do better every day, and our aim is to always move forward with a clear and refined purpose. For over two decades, we have been committed to offering fantastic fire apparatus'. Our trucks are built with excellent performance, quality, and design - statements which come directly from our satisfied customers.

The Hutterite way of life, is the Acres way of life.

The Hutterites have a very rich history, founded 600 years ago by Jacob Hutter. He was a tradesman who was well known for being hard working, a leader in the defence of the Christian faith, and a humble, detailed-oriented man. These same traditional values are what we pour into the manufacturing of each fire apparatus we build, while at the same time honouring the steadfastness of our ancestors.

We live, work, learn, and play on the Green Acres Colony, so our skills in trade begin at a very early age - it’s in our blood! We’ve been working with care and craftsmanship for hundreds of years, and it becomes very evident in the fire apparatus’ we build.

Wisdom, gentleness, kindness.

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