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Massive water supply for intense flames



Acres wetside tenders have a partially exposed poly tank. This reduces unit cost. Tanks are painted with a premium Box Liner Coating for enhanced appearance. Available with side control and top control pump modules.

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Acres enclosed tankers have a fully enclosed aluminum tank, and a side control pump module. This truck is optimally engineered for water hauling through rough terrain or rural areas and gives you reliable mobile water access anywhere.

Prestige Specs
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Apparatus Options


  • - Aluminum Subframe
  • - Extruded Aluminum Body
  • - Compartments Walls 3/16"
  • - LED Warn & Scene Lighting
  • - Polished Running Boards
  • - Enhanced Power Distribution
  • - PPG Paint Coatings


  • - Back-Lit Switch Panel
  • - Master Warn Light Switch
  • - Siren
  • - Traffic Advisor
  • - Back-Up Camera
  • - Door-Ajar Warning
  • - Vehicle Data Recorder
  • - Firecomm Communication System

Recent Deliveries

Winnipeg, Manitoba

Macklin, Saskatchewan

Martensville, Saskatchewan

Digby, Nova Scotia

Kingston, Nova Scotia

Dominion City, Manitoba