Acres Truck Standards

All Acres Fire Apparatus Units are NFPA-1901 adherent and we are CWB certified.

Acres is committed to being held accountable to the highest standards of

production and performance.

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Industry-Proven Design

We focus on customer-driven design with the highest integrity. Acres trucks are built exactly the way we said they would be - right to your specifications. Our design team is passionate, personal, and friendly and are experts in foreseeing any manufacturing challenges up front.

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Raw materials are sourced locally where possible, with an emphasis placed on Canadian suppliers. Other products are supplied from the finest manufacturers North America has to offer. Supplier loyalty is a key focus at Acres!

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Assemblies are welded by our highly skilled CWB Certified Welders who are tested on a recurring basis. Our welding skills are passed down through generations and we begin welding at a young age. The most-advanced aluminum welding systems are in use at Acres, depositing the highest-quality welded joints!

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Parts are sourced from reputable suppliers for your apparatus assembly from brands like, Waterous, Waterax, UPF Poly Tanks, Whelen Engineering, Fire Research, Akron Brass and many more! We execute on high quality electrical engineering in each and every unit we manufacture. Each wire harness and power distribution is application specific, not generic over several models. This can result in diagnostic nightmares.

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Once assembled each truck is tested thoroughly with calibrated equipment and follows a rigorous checklist. It is then 3rd party certified and labelled before final delivery.

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We deeply care about your trucks' performance, with a conscientious approach prevailing the extent of the manufacturing process. Your job is life or death, you deserve only the best we can offer!